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NEW! Intro to Kettlebell, Saturday, February 3, 10:15am. Only $10. See below.


FitnessXT classes are high-energy, challenging and fun! Our signature full-body approach is designed to improve strength, burn fat and deliver lasting results in just 30 – 45 minutes per day. At FitnessXT you get more than just a membership. We simplify fitness and nutrition so you can keep up with your busy life and still achieve the body you desire.

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Class Schedule: Grand Rapids


5:30am CSI:45
9:00am BootCamp
4:45pm CrossTraining
5:30pm Piloxing
7:00pm PowerLifting*


5:30pm CrossTraining


5:30am CSI:45
9:00am Kettlebell CrossTraining
4:45pm CrossTraining
5:30pm Kettlebell GS Sport WOD
5:45pm Challenge CrossTraining*
7:00pm PowerLifting*


5:30am BootCamp
5:30pm CSI:45


5:30am CSI:45
9:00am Kettlebell CrossTraining


7:15am Instructor’s Choice
9:15am CrossTraining
9:15am Kettlebell GS Sport

**February 3 Only: Intro to Kettlebell
$10 fee with free wristbands and free one
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(free for current members)


Bootie Workout (time varies)

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Class Descriptions

(Class offerings and schedules vary by location)

CrossTraining. Our signature full body approach to fitness. Designed to challenge you while building strength using dumbbells, boxes, barbells, ropes, Kettlebells, body-weight exercises and more. HIIT style training at it’s best!

Piloxing ®. A fast-paced class that combines the cardio elements and agility of boxing with the strength training and toning of Pilates. Piloxing ® will improve your cardio endurance, balance and core strength, while torching over 600 calories per class.

Intro to PowerLifting. Learn proper form and technique for traditional lifts including the squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press, as well as accessory movements and strengthening the core/abs. Powerlifting requires pre-enrollment for the class series and is subject to additional fees.

BootCamp. High-energy, fun and challenging workouts designed to burn fat, tone and strengthen your entire body. BootCamp incorporates cardio, strength and agility training. This fast-paced class is scalable for every ability level.

CSI:45. Cardio-Strenght-Intervals. Increase fat loss and build strength and endurance with high intensity intervals of cardio alternating with traditional strength training. Everything you need in one 45 minute session.

Challenge CrossTraining. Take your CrossTraining to the next level with greater focus on Olympic-style lifts using Olympic and Trainer bars. Other elements of our signature CrossTraining class round out the full-body experience and add a layer of interval training to the mix.

Kettlebell CrossTraining. Kettlebell based CrossTraining, typically set to a Tabata theme (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest). Incorporating other methods and equipment for a full-body workout.

Kettlebell GS Sport. Learn to excel in the traditional Kettlebell style and timed competition lifts. Fitnessxt Kettlebell team members compete at local, national and international events setting world records and claiming top placements. This class teaches proper form and technique to beginners and advanced Kettlebell athletes. Contact us to register in advance and schedule an introductory session (recommended for those new to Kettlebell training).

“Bootie” Workout. Build a better “Bootie” in this specialized class designed to target the glutes and hamstrings, develop lean muscle and burn fat. The “Bootie” workout helps sculpt those sought-after hourglass curves. Class meets on Sunday mornings. Contact us to pre-register.

Intro to Kettlebell. Kettlebells build strength and endurance and complement any training program. Learn the fundamentals of the KB Swing, Clean, Press, and Turkish Getup from Jerry Gray, Certified Instructor and Kettlebell Champion. Offered on special dates only.

*all classes included in Memberships except specialty classes marked * which have additional fees.

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